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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Traditional mas characters explained

In the current issue of the BWIA - magazine Caribbean Beat you can find a nice article about traditional carnival characters of Trinidad: from Burrokeets and Dame Lorraine to Midnite Robbers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Karneval und Kakerlaken

Postkolonialismus in der afrikanischen Literatur.
[File:History][File:Black Atlantik]

Calypso und Calypsonians

Interesting article by German Alice Schwarz about the history of calypso and how it changes with the influence of mass media.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Do the Reggae

Reggae from Pocomania to Ragga and the myth Bob Marley. The pdf-Version of this basic book in German release 1986 at Pieper.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dislocating Diaspora - Caribbean Blacks and the Italo-Ethiopian War, 1935-1941

Historical seminar paper by Kevin A. Yelvington.
In 1935, when the forces of fascist Italy readied to invade Ethiopia, which they finally did in October of that year, there was a tremendous reaction throughout the African diaspora. Not only was this the sacred Ethiopia, a beacon for centuries in the consciousness of those considering themselves its exiles. [..] The war on the other side of the world became a metaphor, a way to speak to local conditions and the status of those defined as black. It became seen in terms of all that black-white "race relations" were seen to lead to C domination, displacement, degradation, and death.


The African, and Spiritual, Origins of Carnival

An article about the origins of carnival by Grisso. The auther says that the European carnival is rooted in Africa.
[File:Carnival File:History]

Carnival database

A small carnival collection by Dr Patricia Tamara Alleyne-Dettmers - Carnival Talk, Notting Hill Carnival, Links etc.

The Origin of Carnival

An article taken from Felix Rampersad's "Carnival Calypso Spectacular".

Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink

The Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink (or CAC) as its name implies, is a central link to a wide range of websites that either focus upon or shed light upon the Native peoples of the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. The website endeavours to provide a venue of communication for these peoples and also offers a variety of research, including histories, news and articles about Native Caribbean peoples, educational resources, on-line surveys, and discussions of problems and prospects for Caribbean Amerindians and their descendants all over the world. It aims to provide content and build community at the same time.

In addition, the CAC is the only resource that seeks to gather and organize all possible sites about and by Caribbean Amerindians. In organizing these sites into categories, the CAC helps to shed light on the range of content available online. The CAC is limited only by what is currently available on the Internet.

List of Ships East India - Caribbean

We finally have the list of ships that took the East Indian indentured laborers to Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Nevis, St.
Lucia, St. Vincent, and Suriname, and now Grenada on this website